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Mark Labs helps asset managers and institutional investors integrate environmental and social considerations into their portfolios.

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Washington, United States

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About Mark Labs


Despite spending billions of dollars on data and research, 80% of asset managers are dissatisfied with their tools for ESG and impact analysis. Client demand, performance risks, and obligatory disclosures make ESG an urgent priority, but ESG analysis remains laborious and reliant on incomplete and noisy data.


Our SaaS analytics platform scans millions of data points in real time to reveal actionable insights into ESG and impact performance. We help our clients manage risk, demonstrate their impact, and stay ahead of changing standards and regulatory requirements.


Most ESG solutions assess companies using scores and ratings, which:

  • Differ across data providers
  • Offer little insight into how scores were derived
  • Are updated infrequently
  • Leave significant data gaps

In contrast, Mark Labs:

  • Has formed partnerships to access a range of alternative and third-party data sources, filling in as many information gaps as possible
  • Contextualises performance based on industry, geography, and past performance - all in real time
  • Derives proprietary data that offers insight into ESG risks and value-drivers
  • Uses recent advances in machine learning and NLP to derive insights from unstructured data

Biggest Achievements

We’ve been fortunate to work with high-profile clients at a relatively early stage. Our analytics are currently being used by the United Nations (UNDP) and the Gates Foundation to measure the effectiveness of their investments at advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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