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Harpocrates Solutions provides simplified data privacy compliance.

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Berlin, Germany

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About Harpocrates Solutions


Massive consequences, reputational damage, loss of revenue and high fines threaten companies if found to be violating privacy laws. Apps, services, automotive and IoT solutions often don’t ensure compliance through a unified but rather through a “stitching- together” approach. A recent survey found 52% of all UK business to be not compliant with GDPR.


Provide a one-stop-shop for IoT and app developers to become and stay compliant as well as for end-consumers to control their data and privacy settings centrally, on a global scale, across all consumer devices and services.


We provide the first integrated Compliance as a Service platform, ensuring privacy by design directly in the device or App and providing compliance throughout the product lifecycle.

Biggest Achievements

Going from having an idea only around 10 months ago to now having a dev. team, a prototype, a company established, trademark and one customer/partner.

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